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Unshackling the possible. Halting reality dead in its tracks. Redeeming the soul. Rearranging every single thread of sanity. It is this boundless nature of animation that binds our passion. The fact that one can take the extraordinary medium of motion pictures and elevate it to an even more mind-blowing dimension is crazy. More than anything else, the whole experience of bringing something alive in the space of animation is healing as well as humbling. From Miyazaki taking us on an amazing journey with Chihiro, to Stanton getting us to join the quest for Nemo. From Pete & Silverman making us believe in funny monsters, to Cameron transforming the life of a paraplegic. From Baginski’s madness to Tyson Ibele’s passion. These masters, amongst others, have enriched our existence beyond imagination.
Now, it is our turn to thank them. It is our turn to seat them on a couch and enjoy.